Today in the city Greenville 25.05.2017
Budweiser is stirring up an old controversy that made customers and craft brewers furious (BUD)

Budweiser is bringing back its "America" cans and bottles this summer.  On Tuesday, Budweiser announced it will once again sell cans and bottles with "patriotic packaging" — swapping the nam...

Dontae Sharpe Did Not Kill George Radcliffe

In February 1994, in Greenville, North Carolina, someone fired a fatal bullet at a 33-year-old man named George Radcliffe. Police recovered Radcliffe’s truck, which had crashed into a chain-link fence...

American workers in these 10 cities are most at risk of losing their job to a robot

The robots are coming for our jobs. As reported by Business Insider's Elena Holodny, 47% of US jobs are at high-risk to be replaced by robots in the next 10 to 20 years.  But a research repo...

Annual Memorial Honors Greenville Officer Killed on Duty

South Carolina's annual law enforcement memorial ceremony is honoring a law officer who died in the line of duty last year.

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